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DubStep---Drum&Bass---Glitch Hop---Electro ------Studio and Live Remix's & Originals -----Live Performance Artist-D.J.-Turntablist
(337) 504-8229

142 brasseaux rd
Carencro, LA, 70520
United States of America

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Filthy.Dirty.Nasty.Bass? Your here. I am a Remix Evangelist, preaching the Gospel of Bass. Your ears will be treated to an intense life altering event. I will give you a cacaphony of mental epiphany's that bring forth body tingling Sensations.With the right amount of "God he's blowing my mind" I create Mix Set Journey's.I create Low Frequency Spectrum Waves with penetrating bursts that cause spontaneous uncontrollable fits of bass induced Movement.
DJ, Music Production, Nightclub, Composer, Dance & Choreography